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Global Diabetes Diabetes Clinic is exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis & diabetes treatment in Pune. Over the years the hospital has grown to be one of the most preferred diabetes clinics in Pune. At Global Diabetes Clinic, we understand each patient is unique and requires comprehensive and personalized care when it comes to curing diabetes. We are not only committed to providing the treatment but also the prevention of diabetes. We specialize in the treatment for all types of diabetes and other related complications At Global Hospital & Research Institute’s “Global Diabetes Clinic”, all the facilities are made available for patient’s convenience.

Global Diabetes Clinic is a combination of the finest infrastructure, Advanced technology, expert Doctors and high-tech diagnostic center, all under one roof.

Our diabetes specialist in Pune help patients to maintain the right weight and food habits which ensures in minimizing the health-related conditions caused due to diabetes. Our highly experienced diabetes doctors in Pune make sure that patients insulin levels and blood pressure levels are maintained at regular intervals.

Diabetes, as we all know, is a condition which needs added attention and time. Hence, we don’t want anyone to go through the emotional stress of finding a doctor, going through different diagnostic centres for tests, searching extensively for a specialist to take care of your health.
Diabetes is a complex disease which requires timely monitoring and proper treatment at regular intervals.

The blood sugar levels need to be controlled in order to avoid the complications caused by the disease, Diabetes is a major health problem in India, as India is considered to be the global capital of diabetes. There are different types of diabetes and the most commonly found include mainly.

  1. Type 1 Diabetes.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes.
  3. Gestational Diabetes.

The Most Common symptoms of Diabetes include:

  • Excess thirst/hunger.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Fatigue.
  • Sudden Weight Loss.
  • Irritability.

Diabetes is a lifestyle-related disease if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained diabetes is hard to control, to maintain a healthy lifestyle healthy and timely eating habits, regular exercise to maintain a proper weight can play a very important role in managing and controlling diabetes. Managing diabetes requires a multi-prong approach, not only lifestyle modification helps in the treatment of diabetes but also the timely monitoring of the blood sugar levels helps in minimizing the health complications caused by diabetes.

The Global Diabetes Clinic at Global Hospital & Research Institute offers routine & comprehensive diabetes foot care assessment, diabetic nutrition consultation, genetic testing, diabetes fitness clinic & podiatry consultation.

Global Diabetes Clinic offers patients individualized care, certified diabetologists and top-notch treatment with utmost safety and quality, these specialities make Global Hospital & Research Institute one of the most preferred diabetes hospitals in Pune for the treatment of diabetes.

Global Hospital & Research Institute’s endeavour is to serve maximum people with quality healthcare services and at affordable cost, this is the reason our doctors for diabetes in Pune conduct regular camps for health checkups, awareness programmes, medication management education, meal planning and physical activities programmes at our dedicated Global Diabetes Clinic, which is specially equipped with all the latest & modern medical infrastructure that help the treatment and recovery procedure to simplify. One of the major benefits of our clinic is that all the necessary facilities are provided in one single place.

Dr. Kaustubh Shendkar is one of the most experienced and qualified general physicians in Pune at Global Hospital Pune with 10+ years of experience. Dr. Kaustubh Shendkar specializes in the treatment of all types of diabetes like type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes (pregnancy-related). As a well-known Diabetes Specialist in Pune, Dr. Kaustubh Shendkar provides expert consultation & comprehensive treatment plans which helps patients to fully recover from various types of diabetes.

With all the qualifications, expertise and a successful track record in treating diabetes, Dr. Kaustubh Shendkar is considered as the best diabetologist in Pune. Global diabetes clinic has all the facilities which are specially arranged for patients convenience.

Expert diabetes care at Global Hospital—trusted diabetes specialists offering comprehensive treatment and personalized management plans.

Latest Technologies

Ambulatory BP Monitoring:

Ambulatory BP monitor is recommended for routine clinical practice. It is particularly useful to evaluate the readings of a person’s blood pressure with variable readings. Ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) monitoring involves measuring blood pressure (BP) at regular intervals (usually every 15-30 minutes) over a 24-hour period while patients undergo normal daily activities, including sleep.

Biothesiometry & Neuropathy Analyser:

In chronic Diabetes patients, the numbness of limbs is very common. This condition is prominently observed in the foot of the patients. Patients often complain about numbness in the legs, Burning & Tingling Feet, Dry skin, Deformation of Fingers on Foot, etc. Reasons may vary like Diabetes, High Blood pressure, High Fat content in the Blood, etc.
Early detection will definitely lead us to avoid complications & help in effective treatment.

Vascular Doppler (Automatic):

It is seldom seen in patients where they approach the doctors to examine the blood vessels. Over the years, the deposits are left in the walls of the blood vessels making it narrower from inside. This leads to poor blood flow to the organs, which lead to numbness or pain in the peripheral regions like foot fingers, etc. Eventually the blood vessels get clogged and can limit the ability to walk, run and play.
Vascular examination using Doppler is painless and clinically accurate. Waiting for symptoms means waiting for complications to elevate. Early testing can often help you reverse the damage.


The effectiveness of electrical neuromuscular stimulation has been clearly demonstrated through numerous studies. Since it is not dangerous or harmful, it is generally considered one of the better treatment options for many patients.

  • Stimulates leg muscles to contract and relax thereby increasing blood velocity and volume.
  • Acts as pain relief every time it is used Causes the brain to release endorphins which reduces pain and anxiety
  • Promotes healing of non-planter surface diabetic skin ulcers and sprains
  • Promotes better mobility and balancing during treatment
  • Increase muscle strength for safe & pain-free walking

Take control of your diabetes with Best Diabetologist in Pune at Global Hospital. Schedule your appointment today for expert care and personalized treatment plans.