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Joint Replacement Surgeries have been evolving at a faster rate than it was a decade ago. Advanced technology at Global Hospital has been showing excellent results & patients have been resuming to normal movement within a very short span after Joint Replacement Surgeries.

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure in which surgeon will remove the damaged cartilage and bone and then replace it with a new metal or plastic joint surface to restore the alignment and painless functioning of your joints.

At Global Hospital, quality implants are used & it is assisting patients to enjoy their pain-free life. With the help of the latest technology, our Joint Replacement Surgeons in Pune take efforts to minimize ligament loss of the patient during the Joint Replacement Surgeries.

Following are the services at Global Hospital Advanced Joint Replacement Center:

The dedicated Joint Replacement unit of Global hospital in Pune is one of its kind We conduct knee replacement surgeries, hip replacement surgeries, shoulder replacement surgeries, ankle replacement surgeries and elbow replacement surgeries.

Our specially designed facilities of operating theaters have advanced processes. We also provide a highly sterile environment which is essential to avoid post-surgery infections.