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The Medical Oncology Department at Global Hospital Research Institute works in the diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and management of patients with cancer. The center is devoted to providing a range of Medical and Surgical Oncology services with a dedicated team led by experienced and highly trained Medical & Surgical Oncologists, we are one of the best cancer specialist hospitals in Pune.

Our Oncologists will first diagnose the disease through biopsy, X-ray and other methods. After completing a thorough diagnosis by conducting a proper examination, our cancer specialists will discuss with patients the stages. Our doctors will explain where cancer has spread, its location in the body also the time required for recovery from cancer related diseases. Based on the type of cancer stage a proper therapy plan is explained to patients.

Our oncologists discuss treatment choices with patients, supervise the therapy, and manage any complications of the disease and/or treatment that may emerge. Our physicians trained in this specialty goal to provide the most possible outcome for cancer patients, whether that is a cure or palliation and prolongation of good quality life. They also provide counseling for patients and their families. 

One of the most known treatments for Cancers in chemotherapy, which is a drug treatment. Powerful chemicals are used to kill the fast-growing cells in the body. Global Hospital & Research Institute is equipped with the Bio-Safety Cabinet used for preparing Chemotherapy drugs. The staff is well trained and can operate the instruments effectively. Our oncologists in Pune take care of the patients not only during the treatment but also after treatment that assists early recovery. We have one of the best services for chemotherapy in Pune.